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Amuri Hand Dyed

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We are venturing into something new here at Old Mill Knitting – yarns under our own Old Mill Knitting label!

The first of these yarns is called Amuri HD.
Amuri LabelI fell in love with the Amuri yarn that was new from Naturally Yarns this fall.   It is a beautiful merino/possum DK weight yarn and those of you that have visited our blog before saw the Amuri cowl challenge that I lost to Lynn.  Only problem was that the yarn only came in 4 natural shades and I wanted colour!  We decided to find out if it could be dyed and our friends at Zen Yarn Garden took up the challenge.  This was a bit of a departure for them as the yarn is quite different from what they normally dye, but Neville and Roxanne were up to the challenge.  We sent the yarn off to them and were really, really pleased with the results.  The possum in the yarn dyes muted so the yarn has subtle colour variations rather than being big changes in colour.
Amuri HDSo, we have 12 colours of Amuri HD available and here’s the fun thing: there are only between 40 to 50 skeins of each colour and once they are gone, that is it for that colour – it will not be remade.  So if you or one of your friends are one of those people that like to have something different – this is for you.  Get in touch with your LYS ASAP to get them to order some in for you. I would also like to note that these are only available in Canada.  Sorry, our American friends, but you will not find these in your LYS.  (but you are welcome to contact me for information on a Canadian store that could send you some).

Below is my Woodstacking Cowl (pattern by Anne Hanson) knit in Amuri HD.  The colour is Bloomsbury.   This was a really fun pattern to knit (even though it took a little more concentration than I am used to) and this cowl is probably my favourite in terms of fit as it is nice and snug.



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