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I have a new favourite yarn from Classic Elite called Camelot.  Brights and darker shades combine beautifully in this pure wool self stripping aran weight yarn.  I love multi-colored yarns!

One pic is the Two Direction Scarf pattern from Classic Elite (available for purchase on Ravelry). The original  scarf was knit in Liberty Wool but I decided it would look great in Camelot.  I used 3 balls and 5mm needles for the scarf.  Two for the garter stitch section and one for the ribbed section. You can easily make the scarf longer (knit more rows before you cast off) or wider by doing more rows of ribbing.

Then I knit my favourite pattern – the Inspira Cowl (free on Ravelry).  There have been a total of three Inspira Cowls so far but here is my favourite.  This is the Steampunk version.  Using 5mm needles (60cm long) I cast on 108 stitches.  You can do more or less – just make sure you add or subtract in multiples of 6 stitches.  I worked the pattern until I ran out of the contrast colour. There are no decreases in my cowl.

I’m not finished with Camelot. There are 6 colours in all so I picked another one and started a scarf. It should be finished in a few days and I’ll show pictures after I’ve convinced my sister to block it and sew in the ends.Camelot Blog 2 Camelot Blog 1

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Hooked on Santorini

Two balls of Santorini will make this cowl.  You can download the pattern from Classic Elite’s Web-Letter. Issue 294 –
See all the fabulous shades of Santorini available on our website -
I’d like to keep writing but there is another project underway. I’m making a scarf with three different colours.  Stay tuned.
Santorini Cowl
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TNNA 2015

I just returned home from a trip to Phoenix, Arizona.  Why Phoenix?  There was golfing but the main reason for the trip was to attend TNNA.  This is a trade show held twice a year to showcase new yarns, books and accessories.

Classic Elite’s booth was looking amazing as always. So many colours and textures. You aren’t sure where to start looking.CEY Group

There will be 12 new colours of Liberty Print this spring. 2 colours a month starting in February, the first two are on our site now – click here to view.  As you know Liberty Print is one of my absolute favourite yarns and I love getting the new colours each month.  Sometimes it’s hard to send the yarn out – I want to break into the bags and take some for myself.





You’ve already met Sanibel – Classic Elite’s fashion yarn : understated, feminine and chic with a touch of glitz.  Now we are introducing Santorini – Sanibel’s new colourful cousin.  The colourways sing along the matte and shiny textures inherent in the yarn, adding vibrant colour to warm weather garments, wraps and scarves.  Santorini is coming in March.Santorini

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Inspira Cowl

Group Cowls


Are you looking for a fun cowl to knit? The Inspira Cowl is a free pattern on Ravelry – click here to view / print!

We used 3 balls of Liberty Wool from Classic Elite Yarns – 2 balls of the main colour and 1 ball of the contrast.

Close Up 3We modified the pattern a bit. Cast on 144 stitches with 5mm needles. Follow the Steampunk version (with no decreases) until you are out of the contrast colour. Cast off and block.

If you knit a bit on the loose side or want the cowl to fit a bit tighter around then neck then you might want to cast on 138 stitches.

If you want a different look to the cowl then try using a solid colour for your main colour.

Trust us when we tell you that the cowl is addictive. You make one and then want to try another in a different colour combination.

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Needle Felting – Attempt #2

So despite my the fact that my felted pig is a little homely (ok – more than a little), I did learn a lot and I put those new skills to use on my second project. Anyone who has seen Finding Nemo knows this is an Angler Fish and that he lures other fish to him with the light that hangs out front of him.

I was pretty pleased with how this turned out although I think he looks a little more demented than ferocious. His back end is a little wonky but in the grand scheme of things this will be OK.


Angler Fish

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It all started with this…

When the BS and I were in Indianapolis for TNNA in May, one of the booths that caught my eye was called Woolbuddy. These were kits to make all different types of cool felted animals. Like a little kid, I bugged and bugged the BS until she bought some for me. I had never needle felted before and even I can admit the first attempt fell well short of being a huge success. But despite the sad little pig that emerged from my efforts, I was totally hooked on needle felting. I finally understood why all of the Fiber Trends felting supplies that we sell were hard to keep in stock.

Needle felting was addictive and punching that roving into submission was a great way to get all of my aggressions out.

Over the next couple of weeks I will share pictures of the progress I have made on the needle felting project I have been working on since June.



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Some new hats…

Rikki 1 Rikki 2 Squish 1 Squish 2
Well, I might not have been blogging, but I have definitely been knitting.  Over the next little while I will catch you up on the projects that have been completed over the summer.


First up are two slouchy hats.  Why two?  Why not?  I love hats of all kinds and am rarely seen without one so a good selection is a necessity.   The top pictures are of the “Rikke Hat”  (free pattern on Ravelry – thanks Sarah!) .  I knit this in Misti Alpaca Pima Handpaint Silk and Cotton so it will be perfect for those days when it is too warm for a wool hat.  I always like to knit with lots of colour and thi s certainly didn’t disappoint.


The bottom two pictures are of the “Squish Me Cap” (pattern available for purchase on Ravelry – great pattern – well worth the money).  I knit this in Zara Print Melange from Filatura di Crosa.  This is a new addition to the Zara family for fall 2014 and I am very excited about this yarn.  The subtle colour changes really gave the finished hat a beautiful texture and the purple colour is one of my favourites.  This yarn is set to arrive at our warehouse at the beginning of September (I made my hat out of a couple of sample balls) and I can’t wait to see all of the colours in person.  I see a sweater in my future!

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Zara June 2014Zara is one of our favourite yarns at Old Mill Knitting.  It combines the finest quality Merino wool with the total ease of Superwash care.  It is a DK-weight, available in a wide variety (over 50)of classic solids.

Zara is:

100% Extrafine Merino Wool

5.5 sts + 7 rows = 1″

G-6 (4mm) crochet hook

#6 (4mm) needles

1.75oz/50g 137yd/125m

Machine wash cool, lay flat to dry






A retail store who sells Zara sent us this picture to share with you.

Pattern: Aileen (purchased on Ravelry).  There were no alterations made to the pattern except for being knit on a 4mm needle.  The vest takes 7 balls for an extra small and 11 balls for an extra large.

We’re working on something fun for you to participate in over the summer.  Keep checking back!


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Sweet Yarns, Sudbury ON

Paulina wants to let everyone know that tomorrow, June 3, Sweet Yarns is opening at their new location:

947 Lorne Street
Sudbury, ON

Drop by and say “hi” for us all – and before you visit, you can visit their website here!

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Coming Soon – Loyal Pattern Print from Naturally Yarns!

This might be my new favourite yarn of all time! It has everything I love – colour changes, pattern changes, easy to knit with, soft on the hands. I made these two little hats to show as samples and you can see how the yarn patterns differently depending on the size of the item that is being knit.

Every time it will be different – how cool is that. I can’t wait to see the patterns that Naturally has done with this yarn.

Yarn and patterns won’t be available until late summer 2014 – put it on your list of yarns to look for.

Liberty Prints Hats

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